Avankè is the new paradigm in Client–Consultant relationships

Avankè is more than a Marketing Communications, PR and Research Consultancy.
It has a philosophy, a strong conviction that honest communications work!
We utilize and integrate Marketing, Public Relations and Human Resource Development principles to come up with the best internal and external communication strategies.
We use research insights to develop concepts for communications and fine tune your business strategy.

<strong>Public Relations</strong>

Public Relations

Total strategy on relationship building with all stakeholders. Request your FREE call today.



Our services include Strategy and concept development, Creative copy writing and Correspondence management.

<strong>Brand Building</strong>

Brand Building

Which Bulb is Noticeable? Which one lights up the right area? Let us discuss your Business. Our Branding Workshop may be the right place to start.



Research projects/ research teams to carry out quantitative and qualitative research.